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kharkov train

Kharkiv Train Station

Our individual and group tours are custom designed to cater to each traveler's specific desires and interests. Tell us what you'd like to do and where you'd like to go and we'll plan a complete itinerary for you. There are no services we don't provide in Kharkiv!

Kharkiv Airport

Kharkiv Airport

To make a decision about type of transportation you want to order, please, find out the Distance between Ukrainian cities and browse Ukraine Maps to get a better idea about areas of Ukraine you are going to visit. For choosing appropriate trains from/to Kharkiv, please, visit our Kharkiv train schedule page. For schedules of trains or flights connecting other cities in Ukraine, Moldova or Belorus, please

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Just let us know what services you need and we'll arrange your trip to Kharkiv and other Ukrainian or Moldavian cities the way you want it! Kharkov is a great place where anyone can find something new every day and for those who want to know more - we arrange individual or group excursions those leave unforgettable memories about Kharkiv for the whole life. Just go through the list of available excursions and you'll come to a conclusion that Kharkiv is worth a visit!

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